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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 6, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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together to help this little boy. >> you'll meet easton and his mom and hear about the incredible support for this butterfly baby. a night out becomes lights out for a guy who -- >> met the wrong end of someone's fist. >> why cops are having a hard time figuring out what went down that night. and two guys give a whole new meaning to busting a move. >> oh! it's not supposed to look like that. lightning. one of the scariest forces of nature out there. very cool to watch from a distance. >> yes, absolutely. >> these dudes got up real close. they're filming the shaw building of this air force base in biloxi, mississippi. as you can tell, they're in the middle of quite a hefty lightning storm. >> a hit right there, bro. >> oh!
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what did i say? i got that [ bleep ] bro! >> a gigantic bolt comes down right exactly smack where this guy said he thought the bolt was going to strike. >> you can't predict that. is it real? it's real? >> yeah, yeah. >> so he really did predict where that lightning would strike? >> he didn't necessarily predict it. he said, what if it struck right there, right in front of us? boom. right in front of this guy. that is close. >> that's kind of like serious hands of god lightning right there. >> are they filming from the cover of any kind of shelter? because it seems like they're standing just outside in the storm. it's amazing that the lightning struck the top of the building and not right where they were standing. >> if you pause this thing when the lightning is coming down, it looks like something educational background reach up and grab.
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other bolts hit around them, but n none as spectacular as that one. >> youtube, baby! the guy in this video met the wrong end of someone's fist. this happened in ashville, north carolina, outside of skully's bar and grill. the person who posted this video is alleging the man is ainebriated. we don't know that for sure. but he's getting up. >> whoa. he's not getting up now. >> yeah, he was on the ground, gets up, challenges this man in the security t-shirt. and the guy in the t-shirt knocked him flat out. >> damn. he knocked him out cold. >> you're already in the street. it already looks like this guy's been thrown out. he doesn't even have a shoe on, for crying out loud. don't go back in the bar. >> it didn't look like he was
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trying to get back in the bar. he just had a beef with this security guy. you do see the security guard walking away from this guy at the beginning of the video. >> here's the interesting thing about that. the police say they're trying to figure out if that guy is really the security guard for that bar and grill. because the bar and grill general managers told wlos, i don't even know what happened. this is the first we're hearing about it. we want to know what went down that night. police really want to talk to the victim in this case, but he hasn't come forward. they still don't know who he is. >> they had to carry him off the street. >> he eventually does get up, but it's clearly obvious his bell has been rung. >> do you know where you're at, sir? help me figure out what this woman was thinking when she did this. she's chilling out on the floor of a news room in dallas, texas. wfaa's news room, to be exact. according to reports, she pulled
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a fire alarm at a nearby business, so obviously there's this big fire alarm going off. she breaks into the news room, chills, lays down on the floor, and also interrupted the 10:00 newscast because it was so loud they had to relocate the 10:00 newscast. >> oh, the fire alarm was so loud? no one knew this woman? was she a former employee? >> nope, she's just some woman who broke into the news room. no word on what exactly she was after. >> the poor woman got carried out of the news station. >> and it's all caught on camera. >> of course, it's a news station. >> it would be ridiculous if there was no video of this. >> i still think they should have just went live on the air with her on the floor and done a story about it. a woman broke into our studio today and she's doing a protest by lying on the floor of our studio. here she is right now. just look right here. i hope no one ever does that
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here. i got to think that this was a really weird day for some florida 911 dispatchers. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> hello, can i he somebody come to orange city? >> on the phone is 18-year-o 911 saying to the dispatcher -- >> something that happened in my dream and it's actually happening. >> what's happening? >> i want to prove it to everybody. >> no word on exactly what he dreamt. keep listening. >> what did you dream about that's happening? >> it's all on paper. i wrote it down. >> what does he want the cops to do? come there, read what he wrote down. >> apparently cops were sent to his home. when he got there, he allegedly admitted he had smoked synthetic marijuana. >> no. >> they told him, you can't call 99 -- 911 again when it's not a
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real emergency. the parents say, we don't want you to call 911 again so they hide the phone. 45 minutes later, mark goes to the neighbor's house and called 911. >> what's the emergency? >> the officer told me not to call back. he said if i called back, y'all were going to take me to court. so i'm calling back. >> the 911 dispatcher is like -- >> did you want to go to jail? >> i want to prove something to my family. >> do you have an emergency? >> no. >> you're saying the officer told you not to call back and you are because you're trying to prove a point. >> yes. >> so they sent officers back to the house where he was and arrested him for misuse of 911. >> hopefully he got his point across. it is time for tech. it is going to freak you out. it's a video for a product that wants to take your brain. see what you think about it next. and it's fishing time, and
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there's a big carp on the line. and something else nearby is plotting. >> i think maybe alf takes the carp. >> see who wins, the fisherman or the shark on "right
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. you know, humans can fish all they want, but they will never be better than the predators of the sea. this video is from boca, florida. it was given to us by captain beau johnson and first mate deidra in southwest florida. doing the fishing it former air force lieutenant corporal barry bridger. he's hooked a rather large fish. something else comes along to say, oh, you've done all the hard work.
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>> careful, daddy. do not fall in. >> the situation gets tense really quick. the voice you hear is deidra. she's calling out to her dad barry not to fall in because there's a giant bull shark circling this. >> i think this is where i cut the line and say, i think i'm going to call it a day. >> no! bad shark! >> bad shark. >> you can see here where there is a struggle in the water. you see the tarpin come out of the water. you see the bull shark circling this thing. luckily for barry and this entire fishing excursion, when they finally reel the tarpin in, it looks like miraculously in one piece. the shark didn't get a big bite out of this. so, you know, the fish tale lives on. ♪
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this story is really heartbreaking, and it can be a little difficult to watch. >> hey, mommy. >> this is danielle. she's holding her days old baby easton for the very first time. >> oh, after days? >> why did it take days before she was able to hold him? >> because easton was born with a very rare genetic disease. babies born with this condition are also called butterfly babies because their skin is as fragile as the wings of a butterfly. eb is a defect in tissue
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connection of the skin. it creates these red, open, wound-like sores. >> that's tough to see. >> easton's family and friends have created several veo tois condition, but also to help raise funds because he is going to need care every single day for the rest of his life. >> have people really come to this child's aid? >> the online community has come together to help this little boy. they had originally set a goal of $5,000. people have really been kind, and they have reached almost $120,000. >> these are so hard to look at. i mean, it just looks unbelievably painful. >> tell us how easton is doing now, we have his mom danielle via skype right this minute from an eb treatment center in cincinnati, ohio. tell me what it was like when easton was born. >> pretty much like any birth.
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then the doctors realized that he had something wrong after looking at his arms and legs. >> have you been absolutely blown away by the support online? >> yeah, we didn't expect that at all. i mean, it all happened pretty quickly, pretty much within two days of him being born. >> what made you go public with something like this? this is very brave for you to do. >> i mean, when he was born, the doctors at the hospital and the pediatrician that came in to see him didn't even know what it was. so i think it was just kind of getting the word out there. >> you said you were holding baby easton. can we see him? >> yes. here he is. he's all covered up though. >> danielle, we really wish you the best with baby easton. our prayers and thoughts are going to be with you guys. >> thank you very much. driving on a bridge takes a turn for the worst. >> now they're upside down on the road.
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>> see how this ride gets turned around. and it's a little prank at the workplace. >> that big bag of cement and that strong boy, they're going to play a key role in this workplace prank. >> yep, find out how it all goes down. >> oh! >> "right this minute." make the switch! [ megan ] call now to get at&t u-verse tv for only 29 a month for six months -- with a total home dvr
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it's time for us to tell you about some bonus videos on our website. that means best of "rtm" time. >> we've seen prank videos like
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this before where people leave a baby carriage out in the street and good samaritans go to help. this one is a little bit different because of what's inside the baby carriage. it's straight out of, like, a horror film. >> okay, steven. from prank to magic trick, this is the art of magic. this guy goes around and performs magic tricks on unsuspecting people on the street, at coffee shop, all kinds of cool rigmoroles. >> is this the appropriate time use that word? >> all kinds of cool tricks and, and it's called the art of magic. >> and it's a free show because the people on the street. >> and you can see the video for free at our website, all you have to do is click on -- >> best of rtm. these videos ought to be a good warning to everyone that when you're in a hurry to get somewhere, be careful.
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in this first video from russia, when you pass a big rig, you don't know what's coming toward you like this car. >> oh, man. >> and they both swerve out of the way in the exact same direction and hit head on. >> it burst into flames. unfortunately, a driver in one of those cars died. everyone else was injured. >> the guy coming towards the camera really had nowhere to go. if he goes this way, he hits that guy. if he goes the other way, he could hit the guy with the camera. >> or the giant 18-wheeler they were passing. >> sure. check out this accident that happened on a bridge. this person is moving across the lanes and tries to avoid that big, white van. look what happened. >> we've seen those people on the road. people that are just swerving from one lane to the other driving way too fast. it's only a matter of time before something like this happens. >> look at this red car. it's going all the way from one lane to a second lane. that van had the hazard lights flashing. still, wasn't enough for this
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red car. they weren't paying enough attention. >> now they're upside down on the road. funny bdriver. steven, it is time for tech. it is going to freak you out. >> oh, boy. >> in the past biology has controlled us. this technique, this technology, you control your biology. >> a company has come up with a way for people to basically live forever as an android. creating what is like a mechanical brain that can store every synapse that happens in the brain. >> so when you say android,
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you're not talking about a phone. >> no. watch this. >> it's a benign virus that's injected into the bloodstream and targets the brain cells. then it duplicates the information from the neurons directly into the digital brain. what you're left with is not a replica of the brain activity or the human but the direct transfer of each synapse of the brain down to the exact location. >> so you're saying they're going to inject something into my bloodstream that's going to go up into my brain and then duplicate all the stuff in my brain, and there's a lot of weird stuff up there people don't want to know about, and then they're going to store it in, like, a robot? we need to know a lot more about this. >> yeah. zach. hey, zach. >> we're freaked out, dude. >> i don't think this is going to work now. in fact, i'm not even sure if this is real. if this was real, it would be all over the place. they'd be selling it like crazy.
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i've tried looking up the doctors in this video. nothing is coming up. >> what's the point of having all your memories on a hard drive? >> what they're saying is it's more than a hard drive. it's recreating your brain. you'd be able to think and have memories. then we come to that problem, are you really you if it's just a re-creation of your brain? >> no, you're a surrogate. you live in a little hole and your surrogate lives your life for you. >> recreating a human brain exactly is incredibly difficult to do. >> there's no brain smarter than mine. okay, whatever you say. good luck re-creating this. it's hand dancing versus arm dancing. >> oh! i think he just broke his arm. i'm pretty sure his arm is broken. >> no broken bones here. stick around to see the moves that will blow your mind. ñ#
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this video was submitted to us by austin knoll. he has a little girl. she's just shy of 3 months old, but she knows how to talk to daddy. >> i like how mom is trying to get in on this. mommy doesn't understand. daddy, he knows his baby girl. >> they do say that fathers and
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daughters have a special connection. theirs just happened to start early with this very unique language. >> what are you guys talking about? >> i don't know, politics. >> she's like, i can't believe that creepy guy nick said that thing last week. that was just awful. that's what i heard. >> smart little girl. >> i guess so. there's nothing quite like pranking your buddies at work. >> oh, yeah. >> these guys here work on what looks like a construction site of some sort. some boy picking up a big bag of cement. >> and they're going to play a key role in this workplace prank. got mr. buddy over here in jeans. he's just watching. pretty strong, right? lifting the bag of cement over his head. >> that's like a feat of
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strength. >> oh! >> and they cut it open on his face. >> i't i t feels any good. that's heavy. >> a little head action going on there. >> why was he doing that in the first place? >> i think he's show boating for the camera. >> he probably did it in the past. they're like, it's kind of annoying, so why don't we film it? then he did it. >> i love the hand gesture at the end. >> i have a feeling his revenge will involve something else. this is a video of dancers doing some really cool moves. that's kid strobe. >> what a cool name. strobe. >> they're both dancing to a dance called turk. strobe is known to dance with
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his hands, just his hands, where kid strobe is doing mostly his arms. >> kid strobe looks like he's got the rubber arms. >> it's almost like he doesn't have bones in his arms. >> oh! i think he just broke his arm. i'm pretty sure his arm is broken. >> then he just unbroke it. >> oh! how can you watch that and not just wince? it looks like he pops his entire shoulder out of socket. that's not supposed to look like that. that looks like a knee. oh, boy. that's our show. thanks for joining us. see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." when the crime tape is up, that means you stay out. >> see that man right there? >> how a baby got caught in the middle of a couple's big mistake. >> why are they doing this? it's a san fran scam. cops say beware


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